Core Principles

  • Access: Get REAL is singularly dedicated to making sure EVERY California student has access to industry-aligned, high-quality career technical education courses, pathways and programs.
  • Preparation: California’s public education should adequately prepare all its students to become self-reliant citizens who contribute to our state’s economic well-being. By the time students graduate high school, they should have a career trajectory and posses enough on-demand skills and dispositions to be immediately employable, whether their chosen pathway leads to higher education or training.
  • Sequence of Courses: Every student should benefit from a sequence of rigorous CTE courses that align to industry needs (beginning with K-8 career introductory exposure) that transition into hands-on technical secondary training programs in a career pathway of their choice.
  • Sustainable Funding: In order to ensure the maintenance and expansion of CTE, the State cannot diminish or suspend its financial commitment to these programs; not until all the other policy and accountability drivers have been adequately addressed to include robust career readiness incentives. Get REAL supporters seek to reform those budgetary and policy impediments that have led to historic declines in CTE access.
  • Accountability: It is not enough to just provide funding to districts and encourage them to offer CTE courses. The state has an obligation to make sure these resources are being investing in high-quality, industry-aligned CTE programs that prepare ALL students for the real-world career opportunities that are available to them in the 21st Century economy.